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Animācijas Brigāde is a puppet animation film studio using classic stop-motion techniques to create films, series, and commercials. The studio is based in Riga, Latvia Studio and was founded in 1966 by the puppet film and theatre director Arnolds Burovs. The studio has produced over 140 puppet animation films since then, with different talented directors at the helm. Most of the film scripts are original stories, some of which are based on Latvian or foreign literature/folklore, or comic strips.


Perhaps the most standout feature of the films are the one-of-kind characters made by the imaginative and talented artists of the studio. The puppets are handmade by artisans with decades of experience in puppet sculpting, mechanisms, sewing and set building. The studio consists of a tight-knit group of 16 professionals, and three filming pavilions.


Most of the films are between 5 and 10 minutes long and feature a fictional language so anyone can understand the story. Today Animācijas Brigāde continues its successful work using the classic puppet animation technique and is proud to keep this amazing art form alive and thriving.


Demo compilation of the Film Studio's "Animacijas Brigade" stop motion animation films:

"The bear is coming!"(2008.); "The new species"(2008.); "The Three Musketeers"(2005.) "Latvian"(2007.) and "Ice master"(2009.)


Film studio's "Animacijas Brigade" popular puppet animation series "The Rescue Team" 1990. - 2010.




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